Saturday, August 22, 2015

Phalaenopsis pantherina

Phalaenopsis pantherina is another one of the species orchid from Sabah (Borneo) in our collection.
This orchid is also found in Sarawak as well as other parts of the Borneo Island.
Sometimes, the flower seems unreal to me as it gives a glossy and plasticky look and feel.
The flower measuring about 4 to 5 cm across also gives out fragrance.
Phalaenopsis Pantherina at OrchidBliss

The whole plant, lots of leaves but only 2 flowers at a time.
Sometimes less.
Phalaenopsis Pantherina at OrchidBliss


  1. Hello I am looking for this phalaenopsis pantherina since a year.
    can you sell me a keiki?
    Kind regards

  2. I would buy you a keiki of phal pantherina


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